Lane/Blythe JV Complete 540 Loop Project Garner, NC

Lane Construction and Blythe Construction, two powerhouses in the civil construction world, join forces to ease traffic congestion in the ever-growing Raleigh, NC metropolitan area.

In late 2018, the Lane/Blythe JV was awarded the contract to complete the construction of the Triangle Expressway (540 Outer Loop) in Raleigh, NC. The first phase of the “Complete 540” project consists of 8 miles of roadway with 28 bridges. This 2.2 billion dollar project is expected to be completed by 2023. Getting the job done requires lots of equipment and lots of concrete. One piece of equipment required is a bridge deck finisher. Allen Engineering makes a great unit, and Lane/Blythe acquired two of them from a previous project. Concrete Paving Equipment (CPE), being an exclusive support company of Allen Paving Equipment, was contacted to help Lane/Blythe get their equipment ready for the task ahead. CPE arrived on-site prior to the first bridge deck installation and helped with the initial setup of the unit fitting it to the current bridge specification. During this process, CPE also provided in-depth setup and operations training for the new construction crew. Once set up and state inspections were complete, the green light was given to start the deck installation. CPE remained on-site for “pour watch” and supported the young Lane/Blythe crew through a successful 270yd concrete deck pour. If like Lane/Blythe, you have major projects ahead and need assistance or support for any model of Allen Concrete Pavers, give CPE a call to schedule a free consultation.

NCDOT: Complete 540


wide angle view of workers, trucks and highway project
workers spreading concrete
concrete begins to flow
picture perfect carriage performance
smooth concrete, job nearing completion